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Who's Airic?

“I’m a recording artist and founder of Vivid Reign, I’m also an audio engineer for other collaborators under my multimedia company, Mazadi Vision. My goal has always been the same vision, using music to change the world…as ‘cheesy’ as that sounds, I mean that.”

What is "Vivid Reign"?

Vivid Reign™ is a philanthropic independent music label.

Our motto is: ‘Music molds culture, culture runs the world’ – we aim to utilize the influential impact of music to inspire cultural trends that address the world’s problems from a Postmillennial lens. #StayVivid

What are the benefits of becoming a VR Member?

• Early access to HiFi music downloads (MP3/WAV + Instrumentals) • Get 10% discount codes on all merch (apparel, accessories, music and books) • Access gated content (ie. unreleased songs, exclusive merch, secret blog articles + more) • Participate in members-only events • Reserve early access to buy a signed copy of my latest EP or album before the public launch, includes physical+NFT version. (LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES!) • For music artists: enjoy a 20% discount on Mixing & Mastering services by (limited bookings per month)

How much new content will I get per month?

I’m releasing at least 1 song (RNB/Hip-Hop) or instrumental beat (Chillhop/Lofi) per month – every song/beat is 100% produced, written, recorded, mixed & mastered by me…fueled by red wine and coladas sin azúcar lol

How do I join Airic's Vivid Reign membership?

My main membership platform is, it’s better than Patreon since Locals aligns with my values as a music artist (anti-censorship, crypto-savvy, etc.)

What if I'm already subscribed as a member on another platform? is our main membership platform, but if you already support us as a monthly member on other platforms like YouTube, X, Twitch, Kick, Minds, etc. then send me a text (+1305-705-5533) so we can add you as a Locals member for free – that way you don’t have to cancel your other membership to enjoy your perks there while still getting the benefits of our Locals membership.

What if I'm not comfortable paying a monthly amount?

No pressure, you can also support by either:

1.) You can “give once” on the support checkout (pay what you want) 2.) For a free membership pass, text “Locals” to +1-305-705-5533 and get a Free Trial promo code. 3.) Help spread the word to your friends: join our text club, follow our socials, stream our music and videos, etc. Word-of-mouth is the most effective promo! 4.) Buying music or merch on our website 5.) Tipping us on Cashapp, Minds, or directly to my crypto wallet with Bitcoin (any amount), BTC address: bc1qzkxj2w3hwgpdgncckytlwj82f8g3j9zr2q05vr 6.) Join our charity efforts? Please contribute to our favorite non-profit organizations by clicking the “Give” tab under our website menu! – Sidenote: I’m not partnered with these orgs, this is just something I want to do. Thanks. 

Where can I buy your apparel/merch?

Visit the online store here:

What if I want to support more than the suggest amount?

Niiiiice…if you wana do that, you can choose a bigger donation amount when you signup. And um…sheeesh 😳 Thanks!

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?

You can choose to pay in FIAT (USD, etc.) or with crypto using Minds Tokens. • Minds Link:

BTC is only possible as one-time tip payments. We’re working on getting a recurring payment system that works with BTC asap!

BTC address: bc1qzkxj2w3hwgpdgncckytlwj82f8g3j9zr2q05vr

Can I stop donating in the future?

Of course, you can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

Was this info helpful? Still have questions?

Text “FAQ” to: +1-305-705-5533 and I’ll help you out.

What is Locals?

Locals is a subscription-based community platform. This is a place for independent creators to publish content, engage with supporters, and make money from subscriptions.

What are Locals coins?

Locals coins is used as a type of currency on the Locals app. Members can purchase coins equivalent to a month's worth of support and then give the coins to the creators as a form of payment. This is a route we had to take in order to satisfy Apple and Google store guidelines. We encourage members to support via web when possible, you will be able to access the app as a supporter if you've subscribed via the web already.

What do I get access to as a supporter?

As a supporter, you will be able to post and comment on posts in the community you support. You can participate in Live Streams and Chats when a creator starts one. You will also be able to view supporter only posts and comment on them as well. These supporter only posts can vary in content by creators; some will post exclusive videos/podcasts, some will give discount codes or early access to different events, or share personal posts they would otherwise not share in public, etc. Content can be accessed easily by supporters in the Content Library as well.

Where can I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions in the Manage Support tab on the left side navigation on the web version inside of each community you are a part of or in the Settings page from the app.

How can I update to an annual subscription?

If a community has annual subscriptions, you can currently update a monthly subscription to an annual subscription if you supported the community with a credit card. If you are currently subscribed via a different method, you will need to cancel your existing subscription and create a new one with a credit card to get this option.

How do I use a promo code?

Promo codes are created by creators in a community to offer free trials or discounts. Promo codes can only be used on new subscriptions and ones paid by credit cards (not coins). When using a promo code, make sure you "Apply" them correctly. They will explicitly tell you what you are getting before you submit your payment.

Does subscribing multiple times extend my current subscription time?

No, subscriptions/support will alway start immediately as they are each separate supports. They do not stack and extend on top of each other. If you decide to do this for whatever reason, just be aware that you will be paying for overlapping periods.

What's My Newsfeed?

"My newsfeed" is a personal newsfeed that combines all posts made by members you follow into one feed. You will also see posts from communities you are not a part of as long as it's posted by someone you follow.

How do I leave a community?

You can leave a community by going into Manage Profile under your username. It will direct you to under My Communities and click on Leave next to the community you want to leave.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by going to and going into the Settings under Profile. Please remember to cancel any subscriptions if you decide to do so.

What does deleting my account do?

Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be recovered. All of your posts which were commented on will be under the anonymous member account. You can create a new account under the same email at any time as we remove all your private information from the deleted account. Please remember to cancel any subscriptions you were a part of.

Can I edit or delete my post/comment/reply?

Yes, you can edit or delete anything you have posted in the community. Find the 3 dots (usually located in the top right corner of your messages) and select Edit or Delete.

What type of files can I upload

For video *mpeg *mp4 *ogg *mov *webm *x-ms-wmv *x-flv *3gpp *3gpp2 For audio * mp3 * mpeg4 *wav * m4a For images * png * jpg * gif * webp

Why can I only post X amount of posts per day?

Each community creator can set a limit to how many posts supporters can post per day and the frequency of the posts. This is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to have their posts seen in the newsfeed and to have more diverse content.

How can I adjust my notifications settings?

On the left hand menu, click on the "Notifications" tab. There you can change your preferences.

How do I follow members?

You can follow members by clicking on their names in the newsfeed or on the Members page which will take you to the member's profile. Click on follow which will allow you to sort on posts on the newsfeed by who you are following. Please note that following someone does not mean you are privy to more information about this member than someone who is not following them.

How do I save/bookmark a post?

You can save a post to find easily later by bookmarking it. To bookmark, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of a post and click Bookmark. To find you bookmarks later, in the community you're in, change the Post by filter (upper left corner above the newsfeed) to Post by Bookmark.

How do I gift a subscription?

You can gift a subscription with coins to other members or a non-member. You can do so here: You can read more about gifting here:

Why do some of my notifications say "Content Deleted"?

Sometimes we notify members of new posts/comments/replies/etc and then the author or we remove the content. Instead of deleting your notification, we just show "Content Deleted". We do this so members won't wonder where the notification alert went.

What are the badges that some members have next to their avatar?

There are a few badges that member can have: - the community creator will have a blue check mark - the creator's team will have a light blue check mark - super members will have a yellow star - diamond supporters will have a blue diamond
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